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About Us

Get to know us better 


Dragun Defense prides itself on providing the highest quality instruction in a fun and welcoming environment led by Hasan Harnett, a 20+ year veteran of the self-defense world.

Looking at various martial art and firearm programs around the country, Hasan saw that 80% of the teachers were experts in martial arts and firearms mutually exclusively for sports and customs but noted that very few schools focused their curriculum on real-world self-defense.


Hasan founded Dragun Defense to educate the public on self-defense, including weapons, stand and ground fighting, situational awareness, conflict resolution, and local law. Dragun Defense  is perfect if you want to take your self-protection as a civilian seriously, especially if you do not want it to be a side project.

Through Dragun Defense, you will experience and love a new paradigm shift regarding your defense training that is functional and practical.

We look forward to guiding you on your journey! 

Your Instructor

Learn about and meet your instructor 

Hasan Harnett, CFS, is the Founder and Chief Instructor at Dragun Defense in Harrisburg, North Carolina. Hasan is best known for his integrative approach and holistic flow towards personal defense training and combatives.

Mr, Harnett earned his black belt in Okinawan GoJu Ryu from Juan Harnett, Jr. from Blue Dragon Martial Arts in 2015 and subsequently began training in mixed martial arts in 2016. 

Hasan is a Russian Martial Art instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev by way of Roy Hatcher. He earned the Certified Firearm Specialist (CFS) designation from the International Firearm Specialist Academy in 2020 and studied weapons-based grappling under the tutelage of Todd Fossey at Integrative Defense Strategies.

He is a highly decorated firearm instructor specializing in concealed carry and close-quarters combat for Citizen Defenders, emphasizing weapons defense, mobility, health, and nutrition.

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