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The Company

Online Business + In-Person Coaching


Seiryu Karate Do Martial Arts LLC is a minority-owned business doing business as Dragun Defense in North Carolina. Dragun Defense is an integrative defense company and online sporting goods retailer that empowers, educates, and trains law-abiding citizens on how to live safely in a dangerous world.

What Makes Us Unique

The Dragun Defense Method


 DRA    GUN 

A Comprehensive System


1. Learn


2. Transform

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3. Live Safely

For Your Personal Defense Strategy

Our comprehensive approach is the most modern, up-to-date defense training you'll ever need to learn. First, you will learn the Dragun Defense Method of superior defense strategies, tactics, and real-world experiences. Then you undergo a growth process while we support your transformation with exceptional fitness, martial arts, and firearm brands that we trust. Lastly, we put the finishing touches on your newly integrated defense lifestyle.

The Dragun Defense Method transforms ordinary citizens into modern-day wise warriors and citizen defenders who live happier, more peaceful, and intelligently protected lives.

What Makes Us Unique
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