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A Distinct Shift in
Personal Defense Training

Train To Protect

Modernized Self-Defense

Train To Protect (TTP) was born out of the necessity to modernize self-defense training so that everyday citizens like you can go beyond the status quo. Our flagship program, TTP Elite, integrates fitness, fight, and firearms defense training into a holistic system centered around personal protection and civilian survival.


If you're interested in joining the TTP Elite program, here's what you'll get access to the:

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Fit Club

Fight Club

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TTP Fitness Model_edited.png
  • Unlimited fitness training

  • Beginner & advanced options

  • No equipment needed to get start

  • Unlimited fighting arts

  • No belts, no-nonsense, or bull

  • Gain exposure to mixed martial arts 

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Firearm Club

  • Unlimited firearm training

  • Drill for skill consistently

  • Go beyond the concealed carry

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Weekly Schedule

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