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4 Must-Have Components

Discover the 4 key "must have"
components of training to protect
(skip one of these and it doesn't work)

The Secrets to Training

Learn the simple secret to defense training and the #1 reason most lifestyle instructors miss the mark

Automated Money Machine

How to build an automated money machine (that works for you even when you're sleeping!)

Let's build you a lifestyle
business so you can work less, live more, and feel less mortal!

In this FREE lifestyle workshop I'll teach you:

  • How your true identity and unique abilities are worth protecting

  • How to discover your lifestyle plan (and whether it will be profitable or not)

  • Harness your fitness, fighting, and firearm skills so you can master your citizen defense powers

  • How to cultivate your mobility defense skills so you can avoid, escape, and maneuver around critical pitfalls

  • The best and fastest way to get paying customers to your lifestyle site or business

  • How you can transition from a full-time job to working for yourself

  • The exact tools and software I use to generate over 5-6 figures a year online in passive income

  • How to automate your lifestyle business so you make money 24/7 whether you're working or not!

Helping everyday citizens make lifestyle decisions in the areas of personal growth, skill development, and defense is what I do. I've generated tens of thousands of dollars over the past decade and on this exclusive online workshop, I want to show you exactly how I do it!

Start building passive income today!

Develop Modern
Defense Skills
As An Lifestyle Instructor
In Your Spare Time

FREE WORKSHOP: Learn the 4 Steps
for Generating $1000/mo of Passive Income In Just 30 Minutes A Day

Watch Free Workshop
You could encounter
a high-risk situation
without notice.
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