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Stand In Your Truth

The 5 things that we know about you

1. You are a CITIZEN

You know you are a citizen, a legally recognized person of a nation, state, or commonwealth, either native or naturalized. Your government grants certain rights and privileges to you, the citizen. In return, you obey your country's laws and defend it against its enemies. Internally, you know confidence is one of your superpowers.

2. You have some CONCERNS

Did you see what recently happened? Can you believe that? Given what is going on locally, nationally, and globally, you either have a concern or see some societal problems. And if you don't know what's going on, check the headline news, social media, or do a Google search. You know that fear is the enemy to your confidence.

3. You want to be COMFORTABLE

The world, from your eyes, is not perfect because good versus evil does exist. You know that danger lurks around every corner. And if you are keeping it real, you may feel a wee bit anxious or fearful from time to time. Therefore, you seek comfort to feel secure to control your environment and decrease your anxiety and stress factors.

4. You want to be CONFIDENT

You believe in your ability to accomplish whatever task is at hand. Likewise, you see yourself as super helpful to your loved ones and the people who know, like and trust you. In this light, you are a superhero to them, yet your internal struggles between confidence and fear are natural as a superhero. You need a little guidance developing, cultivating, and harnessing this superpower from time to time. 

5. You want to CONNECT

You believe in the power of connecting strategically with like-minded people who support your dreams, goals, and ambitions. Besides having a mutually fruitful and robust conversation on your most pressing challenges, you will receive the support you need to be comfortable and confident in your defense capabilities. 

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Defense Strategy Session

Gain clarity, perspective, and direction.
Schedule your defense strategy session to get your questions answered and map out your specific defense plan. 

- get started.

If you are a parent or guardian

Call to find out how you can best protect your loved ones

Become a better superhero to your dependents

As a parent or guardian, one of your main duties is to provide, care and protect your child. With this in mind, you are like a modern-day superhero. However, parenting becomes ridiculously difficult when your child depends on you to protect them at all times. What if you are ill-equipped or lacking in self-defense skills to deal with potential dangers that lurk everywhere?


Wouldn't it help if you had a better defense plan, training, and experience so you can better protect against would-be attackers? Call to find out how you can be the best superhero against a potentially imminent threat to your loved ones.

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Defense Strategy Session

As an individual 

Call to find out how you can best protect yourself

Become a better superhero for yourself

Dangerous situations lurk everywhere. Walking home alone and feeling uneasy? Pumping gas and feeling nervous? Working late and feeling scared? Even if you have not been in a weird vibe situation that made you feel physically unsafe, having reassurance about your next steps can make all the difference.

  • Would you like better safety strategies for yourself?

  • Would you like to be more equipped to deal with strangers and the people you know?

  • Would you like more positive feelings about your body and increase your self-confidence?

If you would like to feel empowered to defend yourself in any situation? Call to find out how you can save yourself against an unfortunate circumstance that puts you in harm's way.

Schedule Your 15-min
Defense Strategy Session

If you've experienced a life-altering event

Call to find out how you can best protect others

Become a better superhero in society 

Any spark can lead to a wildfire. Have you heard the news and felt unsafe? Have you read the newspaper and felt concerned? Have you watched videos on social media and felt pissed? You are not the only person. Social unrest is not a new phenomenon; however, frequently, the aftermath of random and unpredictable situations concerning the public outcry of others may find its way to your nakedness of woods.

  • Would you like to be a wise warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war?

  • Would you like to update your defense skills and capabilities against a mass encounter?

  • Would you like to safely maneuver in and out of society with freedom and ease? 

Suppose you feel you are one decision away from expressing peace or war. Call to find out how to save yourself against an unfortunate circumstance that puts you in harm's way.

Schedule Your 15-min
Defense Strategy Session

If you don't know how to fight

Call to find out how you can improve your defense skills

Learn the skills to survive the encounter

Life is like a jungle out there, and like a jungle, calamity can strike with or without warning—three questions for you to answer for yourself.

  • How long can you go without eating food?

  • How long can you go without drinking water?

  • How long can you go without breathing? 

The answer is you probably can survive over 30 days without eating food. You probably can survive up to 3 days without drinking water. However, you most likely will struggle to hold your breath for 10 minutes on a single breath. Did you know the average police response time to a critical incident in 2018 was 18 minutes?

Good luck if you wait for the police to save you in a life-critical incident. You better have superior personal and home defense abilities in the jungle. Why? You are on your own out there to survive and protect yourself, so don't hold your breath.​ Call to find out how to save yourself against an unfortunate circumstance that puts you in harm's way.

Schedule Your 15-min
Defense Strategy Session

If you're tired of the BS 

Call to find out how you can gain superior defense abilities

Learn superior defense abilities 

Bruce Lee said it best.

"Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.

Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot; it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend."

If you seek defense training that is functional, adaptable, and proven to work in the real world, then call to find out how to save yourself against an unfortunate circumstance that puts you in harm's way.

Schedule Your 15-min
Defense Strategy Session

If you want to be comfortable and confident

Call to find out how you can stay safe in an unsafe world

Explore your defense needs and options

Real-world real problems. You live in a world that can challenge and threaten your very existence in a blink of an eye. Despite living in a dynamic world, you never expect anything bad is going to happen to you. Why? Because you are a psychologically well-adjusted human being. There's nothing wrong with that, that's just the way the good Lord made you. With this in mind, there are three things stopping you from getting comfortable and confident in your personal defense.

  • You don’t know how to defend yourself with the appropriate tools

  • You don't know whom to trust for your defense needs

  • You may have a fear of firearms or lack significant experience with them

Give us a call so you can explore your defense needs and option. You'll uncover how to defend yourself with the appropriate tools. You'll know whom you can trust for your defense needs. Lastly, you'll become comfortable and confident learning how firearms work. You'll also receive a big boost to your confidence through professional experience and strategic insight. That way you can feel a little less mortal. 


Would you like to join us? Call us today.

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Defense Strategy Session

Time to invest in yourself

Experience the Dragun Defense Method

The Dragun Defense Method
Step 1: Discover

Learn where you are and understand your true needs and wants.

Step 3: Deliver

Unleash dynamic solutions that meet and exceed your objectives and goals.

Step 2: Decipher

Unravel perceptions, and realities while defining new objectives and goals.

Step 4: Dominate

Measure your progress, make adjustments, and follow through with you.


Schedule Your 15-min
Defense Strategy Session

Our Mission

At Dragun Defense Strategies, we use a principle-based approach to transform citizens into citizen defenders holistically.  We understand that gun range shooting and dojo skills aren't enough.  Instead, we view personal defense skills as a more extensive interconnected self-defense system that enables the citizen defender adaptable decision-making solutions to avoid, escape, or defend against potential imminent threats.

In everything we do, we inspire the hero within.  We exist to help everyday citizens learn, harness, and master their superhero powers.  Our comprehensive self-defense system integrates hand-to-weapon, hand-to-hand, and firearm personal defense skills necessary to avoid, escape, or stop critical incidents.  We believe in training differently.  Join us as we set a new standard for reality-based defense strategies and tactics.

Our 6 Dimensional Core Fundamentals:

  • Drill for Skills

  • Random Scenario-Based Training

  • Awareness

  • Guns, Weapons, and Hand Combat

  • Use of Force & Legal Education

  • New & Old Psychological Patterns 

Your Instructors


Hasan Harnett, CFS, is the Founder and Chief Instructor at Dragun Defense Strategies (Formerly Seiryu Fighting Arts) in Harrisburg, North Carolina. Hasan is best known for his integrative approach and holistic flow towards personal defense training and combatives.

Harnett earned his black belt in Okinawan GoJu Ryu from Juan Harnett, Jr. in 2015 and subsequently began training in mixed martial arts in 2016. 

Harnett is a Russian Martial Arts instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev & Roy Hatcher. He earned the Certified Firearm Specialist (CFS) designation from the International Firearm Specialist Academy in 2020 and studied weapons-based grappling under the tutelage of Todd Fossey at Integrative Defense Strategies.

Harnett is a highly decorated firearm instructor specializing in concealed carry and close-quarters combat for Citizen Defenders, emphasizing weapons defense.

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Defense Strategy Session
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