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Avoid. Escape. Defend. 

TTP Elite is our flagship civilian survival program that helps citizen defenders learn, train, and explore their defense skills randomly and unpredictably regardless of the situation.

You never know what your day may bring; never mind what could happen to you in the future. Besides taxes, one thing is sure, and that's potential chaos. Chaos is an explosive force that may take the form of dangerous situations, scenarios, or persons. Like lighting, chaos may strike when you least expect it, and if you don't know what to do, things can spiral out of control fast and in a hurry.

If things were to spiral out of control, would you survive? When fighting a volatile force like chaos, you need to understand that no one gives a flying f*ck if you are not ready. No one f*cking cares anything about your background, skill, life, etc. Look at what is happening locally and all over the world. You might think it is crazy to train or be ready for something like this. Still, the matter is that your preparedness to be at the level of a professional soldier could be the difference between a life of slavery or being able to defend your country, family, and beliefs. 

Surviving in a world of chaos is serious stuff.

TTP Elite unifies your fitness, fighting arts, and firearm training into one program centered around the theme of civilian survival and all of its complexities. Rest assured, you will learn how to avoid, escape, and defend yourself and others. So if you are willing to train consistently and persistently to prove to yourself that you have what it takes to survive, then this program is for you. 

Here's what you'll get:


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Fit Club

  • Train 3x per week

  • Beginner & advanced options

  • No equipment needed to get start

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Fight Club

  • Flexible meal plan

  • Customized recipe book

  • Access superfoods & smoothies

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Firearm Club

  • Receive guidance, tips, and advice

  • Stay focused and motivated

  • Reach your goals in 6-weeks

TTP Strategy Session


Turbulent times ahead? Are you dissatisfied with training methods that do not reflect your reality? Would you like to get more comfortable and confident with your protection abilities?

Receive the up-to-date-need-to-know defense training insight when you schedule your FREE TTP Strategy Session.

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