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Defense < Mentoring

Modern defense training made it easy for everyday civilians


Learn proven defense methods to protect yourself and others against attack, danger, or injury to living safely in a dangerous world.  

Integrate Your Defense Capabilities

TTP Defense provides everyday citizens like you with
the up-to-date training and insight you need to survive the encounter.

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Deploy non-lethal options

Deploy tools that disable, disrupt, and are non-injurious and less-than-lethal

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Uncover brutal options

Uncover strikes, grappling, escapes, throws, ground, and hand-to-hand defense 

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Learn justified defense options

Learn firearms, safety, the use of deadly force, justified defense and scenarios

Get started right now.

How TTP Mentor Works

Learning modern self-defense is now a whole lot easier for everyday civilians!


Join us online

Sign up for the online mentor pathway. 


Train anywhere; anytime

Watch and participate in TTP training modules.


Away you go!

Share your training insight and feedback.

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