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485 Crimes, 945 Days, 10 People

Thursday, August 4, 2022

New York City - After New York enacted its controversial bail reform law, a small group of ten career criminals were allowed to run amok across the Big Apple and rack up nearly 500 arrests — and the majority of them are still on the streets, The Post has learned.

Stunning data compiled by the NYPD and obtained first by The Post show that the city's alleged "worst of the worst" repeat offenders have been arrested 485 times since bail reform took effect in 2020.

According to the data, two of the defendants are accused of committing crimes in the aftermath of bail reform, with one being arrested 33 times since 2020 and the other 22 times this year.

New York Post: 10 People, 945 Days, 485 Crimes
New York Post: 10 People, 945 Days, 485 Crimes

Mayor Eric Adams, who has been calling on state legislators to repeal the bail reform law in order to crack down on repeat offenders, expressed outrage Wednesday during a news conference at One Police Plaza.

“Our criminal justice system is insane,” he said.

“It is dangerous, it is harmful and it’s destroying the fabric of our city.”

Adams added: “Time and time again, our police officers make an arrest, and then the person who is arrested for assault, felonious assaults, robberies and gun possessions, they’re finding themselves back on the street within days– if not hours — after the arrest.”

“And they go on to commit more crimes within weeks, if not days,” Hizzoner fumed.

Man holds up index finger like Dikembe Mutombo No…No…No
Dikembe Mutombo No…No…No

The Dikembe Mutombo Solution

How would you feel if this was happening in your local area? Are you personally invested in keeping you and yours safe? Because if and when things get crazy, will you be able to overcome a life-threatening critical incident safely?

No matter where you live or where you go, you could run into many problems in society as a citizen. Like in the case of New York City, these societal problems vary from lawless criminals to dissenting government officials.

What should a citizen do? For starters, citizens should reject these aforementioned societal issues and implement (for laughter and giggles) what we call the Dikembe Mutombo No…No…No Solution. Watch these quick video clips if you’re not familiar.

Let us know in the comments which video you preferred for the Mutombo Solution:

Option A: "No, no, no!" Dikembe Mutombo had 3 straight blocks in an NBA game.

Option B: Dikembe Mutombo - "Not in My House, No, No, No"

But in all seriousness, ensuring you are improving and broadening your self-defense skills is a more practical answer for regular people navigating society. Your self-defense instruction should generally cover readiness, tactics, and methods. Additionally, your self-defense instruction should cover decision-making, legal issues, psychology, tactics, combatives, and firearm safety.

Citizens all across America need to stand up like Dikembe Mutombo and reject the works of chaos, crime, and iniquity plaguing our society. Would you like to learn more about the wise warrior method? Schedule a free strategy session here:

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Written by Hasan Harnett

Hasan teaches people how to protect themselves, loved ones, and others. He is a leader and holistic self-defense coach who has integrated fitness, fighting arts, and firearms into a comprehensive system for the everyday person seeking superior defense training and intelligence.

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