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After Shooting Robber, Store Owner Gives Epic Interview

Craig Cope has no qualms about shooting a robber who entered his store brandishing a weapon.

Cope fired a shot from his shotgun at a man who entered his Norco, California, liquor store brandishing a weapon.

He's now spoken out about his decision to use a firearm to defend his store and life, and he says he'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Was There Time To Think?

“There wasn’t much time to think about it. It was just the guy pointed a gun directly at me. It was him or me,” Cope explained in an unbelievably impressive interview with Fox 11.

“I’m not going to give him the chance. I recognized the weapon, that it’s a semi-automatic gun … I’m not going to let him get the first shot off at that point,” he further added when talking about why he decided to show zero hesitation.

He also claimed he “knew what was coming” as soon as he saw the guys, and urged society to stop letting dangerous people back on the streets.

Don't Be An Easy Target

There are some people in the world you don't want to mess with, and Craig Cope is one of them. In that interview, he was smooth.

It was almost like something out of the Tombstone film.

Watch these two clips:

Option A: Tombstone Bitch Slap

Option B: I'm Your Huckleberry

Let us know in the comments what movie clip you think best represents Crag Cope between the Tombstone Bitch Slap and I’m Your Huckleberry.

A criminal decided to commit an armed robbery at a liquor store; however, he ran into Craig Cope. Craig Cope, an 80 year old man who knew a thing or two about protecting himself while using a shotgun for his self-defense. The criminal, well let’s just say he was later discovered in a hospital with a shotgun wound.

As the criminal discovered far too late, sometimes bad decisions lead to bad outcomes!

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The director uses a clapperboard to start a new action scene.
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Written by Hasan Harnett

Hasan teaches people how to protect themselves, loved ones, and others. He is a leader and holistic self-defense coach who has integrated fitness, fighting arts, and firearms into a comprehensive system for the everyday person seeking superior defense training and intelligence.


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