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Dragun Defense #027: America, A Ticking Crime Bomb?

The 5 things the White House would rather not talk about in 2022.

Just your everyday Two-Face Politician and the President as the Joker
Just your everyday Two-Face Politician and the President as the Joker

Wise warriors, it's not looking too good in America.

Do you remember when America had a booming economy when inflation was at 1.4% (as of January 2021)? When power switched hands to President Biden, such normality changed too. As of September 2022, inflation is up to 8.2% as of September 2022. There's a lot of finger-pointing from the Biden Administration, which continues to say it's all due to "Russia, Russia, Russia." Let's see; inflation reached 7.9% when Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. In less than two years, the federal government has sent the economy into a tailspin. Don't forget that criminal activity continues to grow at our Texas-Mexico border. Subway dangers and crime in urban areas like New York City remain, and door-knocking for political candidates in places like Hialeah, Florida, makes such activities dangerous. What's happening?

First, men are punching out.

According to Mike Rowe, perhaps the most chilling metric regarding our economy is the thought that there are 11 million open jobs in America. Yet, 7 million able-bodied men between the ages of 25-54 won't work. Men without work?

Not only are they not working, but they have not been looking for a job. They have punched out. The vast majority of these men spend over 2,000 hours on screens. We've never had so many unrealized opportunities.

"…most of these drop out men are being supported by their girlfriends and their families. If you include Uncle Same as part of the family," according to Nicholas Eberstadt, AEI Economist.

Men are disengaged. During the pandemic, the government paid them not to work, extending it long enough, so they are now hooked on it. Men are at home in front of their computers playing video games. Productivity is down 4.2%, the most significant decline in 40 years, meaning the amount of stuff we make when working has decreased. When productivity decreases, inflation increases because we have fewer things to buy. That's what's happening in America, and it is a terrible problem for all business owners and job managers. Decreases in productivity are increasing inflation and higher crime rates as well.

Second, inflation is a real problem.

According to a CNBC All-American Economic survey, 44% of CNBC respondents say the cost of living is the most crucial issue. Every day, citizens continue to feel hurt and pain. I mean, every time you go grocery shopping or fill up your gas tank, economically, you are feeling the squeeze. Metro rent rates have increased year-over-year with potential signs of stabilizing. Experts say gas prices might continue to grow. In a new survey, 55% of working Americans are behind on retirement savings. Inflation is a real problem that Americans face, and it will continue to get worse.

Third, drugs, weapons, and criminal-related activities are other significant issues.

Border enforcement encounters include: 1) smuggled drugs

A Mexican national man was sentenced on October 14 in federal court to 108 months in prison in connection with the record-breaking seizure of 17,584 pounds of methamphetamine and 388.93 pounds of fentanyl from a commercial trailer attempting to enter the United States.

In the past couple of weeks, the border patrol had seized 108 pounds of fentanyl. Such drugs are making their way from the border to states like Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania State Police announced troopers seized more than 2,000 pounds of drugs during the third quarter of 2022, valued at more than $13 million.

Border enforcement encounters include: 2) smuggled guns

Border enforcement encounters include: 3) human trafficking.

Let's face it: Human smugglers are a dirty business that charges up to $15,000 per person and even targets kids. Gang members are conducting criminal operations leading to illegal border crossings with drugs and guns. Additionally, young men enter America through the Texas-Mexico borders because of drug and criminal activity.

Fourth, democratic-led cities are soft on crime.

Although catch and release is not a new issue, it appears that career criminals exist and enjoy the benefits of sentencing reform in urban places like New York City. Seriously, if you live in urban areas, no longer can you play games like Candy Crush and Wordle when traveling by subway due to the ticking crime bomb.

Police said McRae, 41, is the maniac who shoved Manhattan waiter David Martin off a Brooklyn subway platform Friday. DCPI
Police said McRae, 41, is the maniac who shoved Manhattan waiter David Martin off a Brooklyn subway platform Friday. DCPI

Lamale McRae is escorted by cops on Monday, Oct. 24, 2022. Gregory P. Mango
Lamale McRae is escorted by cops on Monday, Oct. 24, 2022. Gregory P. Mango

To highlight this, for example, suspect Lamale McCrae wearing yellow and featured in the picture, had been arrested at least 15 times and had served 20 years in prison in the past. Yet the guy with the violent criminal history, a known menace, was back on the streets where he attacked an innocent commuter. The victim, David Martin, was described as in physical and emotional pain in bed with a broken collarbone. There was no altercation at the subway; instead, it is another example of a random act of violence.

Fifth, violence is not the answer.

Likewise, the threat of violence exists in small areas of America. Regardless of political affiliation, a campaign canvasser was brutally attacked on October 24, 2022, while passing out fliers. As a result, he suffered horrendous injuries. In a statement on social media, Hialeah Mayor Esteban Bovo Jr. echoed Rubio in decrying what happened: "Freedom of speech is the bedrock of our democracy, and cowardly acts such as this should be condemned by all regardless of individual political affiliation." Shouldn't America have good people on both sides of the political aisle?

Again, it's not looking too good in America.

As a Wise Warrior, you get all that. You understand that although it may get worse in America before it gets better, you shouldn't be afraid to walk outside and leave your home. That's why Wise Warriors must lead the way. Lead yourself first by enriching your mind, body, and spirit daily. Secondly, show your loved ones how to maneuver safely in a dangerous world. Wise Warriors are prepared and vigilant like watchers in the night. Society needs to condemn all violence. Although violence is often random and unpredictable, Wise Warriors know violence is not the answer; but sometimes it is, especially when it is justified. It will take more than faith and hope to make it in America today. May your prayers be backed up with action because God helps those who ask, believe, and help themselves.

Written by Hasan Harnett

Hasan teaches people how to protect themselves, loved ones, and others. He is a leader and a wise warrior defense coach who has uniquely combined fitness, fighting arts, and firearms into a comprehensive system for the everyday person seeking superior defense training and intelligence.


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