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Four Assailants Brutally Beat Asian Woman in San Francisco Housing Complex

Monday, August 1, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (KGO) – A 70-year-old woman is speaking from her bedside after being beaten and brutally kicked in the head in broad daylight by multiple attackers in San Francisco.

Mrs. Zheng's mother, also known as Mrs. Ren, has spent the last two years hiding from COVID.

Until Sunday, July 31, 2022 that is.

Mrs. Ren explained through an interpreter, "Yesterday was one of the first days in a long time she went out, and this is what happened."

Mrs. Ren is now hiding inside for a different reason. She is wrapped in blankets and bedridden after being approached by four juveniles who asked her what time it was on Sunday evening. She claims she said "5 o'clock" and then showed the suspects her watch because she doesn't speak English and wasn't sure if they understood her.

"They search my body, and I quickly realize they're doing something wrong." wincing, she says.

Mrs. Ren claims the suspects realized she had an iPhone 7 at that point.

"They got really mad and pulled me down."

Mrs. Ren is already on the ground when she is kicked in the face.

"They used their fist to hit my head multiple times and then they pulled me down and kept kicking me."

The terror does not stop there. The suspects return when Mrs. Ren tries to hide in the hallway and is unable to close the door. Not to steal her watch or earrings, but to steal her keys and assault the terrified senior.

Her daughter begins to cry. "I never expected this to happen to us, even though we saw a lot of reporting from our station in particular you, Miss Lim." Says Mrs. Zeng.

Mrs. Ren and her daughter, who are both unable to sleep as a result of the trauma, felt compelled to speak up. For a specific reason.

"I want this story to come out so people know and so for other people to be aware to be safe."

According to SFPD, their Community Engagement Division is working with the family and providing resources to help them recover and heal. Those with information about the case are asked to call the SFPD tip line at 415-575-4444, where they can remain anonymous.


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