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Personal Intelligence

Know yourself

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When people show you who they are, believe them! You are most vulnerable as a soft target when you are unaware, unconcerned, or ignorant of potential warning signs expressed by people you know or don’t know in society. Your second line of defense expands into personal intelligence. Personal intelligence turns your body awareness into self-defense mobility through natural and dynamic movement (biomechanics).  

Ready to build superior self-defense skills?

TTP Fight Club prioritizes choosing the right self-defense response to any particular situation for your survival in a dangerous world so you may defend yourself from all angles, distances, and perspectives. 


Here you’ll learn:


  • Self-awareness

  • Situational awareness 

  • Criminal awareness


  • Tactical retreat

  • Threat assessment 

  • Threat recognition

Fight Back

  • Long-range combatives

  • Medium range combatives

  • Close range combatives

Yes, I'm ready! 

If you're ready click the button below: 

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