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Strategic Protection

Safeguard yourself

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There are no words to describe the pain and suffering of folks who have lost a loved one to the hands of dangerous people or multiple threats. Your third line of defense begins with strategic protection. Strategic protection blends skill acquisition, competence, deep learning, and acceleration to help you defend against life-threatening incidents strategically.

TTP Firearm prioritizes justified self-defense, randomized scenario-based training, and performance for your survival in a dangerous world. Safeguard yourself from all angles, distances, and perspectives of deadly force encounters because evil will always walk among us.

Here's what you'll learn:

Pistol Craft

Concealed Combat

  • Shoot/No shoot scenarios

  • Drills for skills 

  • Weapon manipulations

  • Dynamic 911 scenarios

  • Concealed drawing & shooting

  • Firearm retention

Defensive Concepts

  • Legalities of lethal force

  • Weapon based grappling

  • Weapon disarming

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