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Real Stories - April 2022

Alleged Robber Shot In Mouth By Victims Father :: 4/02/22

Washington Self-Defense: A man attempting to rob a motorhome resident was shot in the mouth by the father of his would-be victim. The attempted robbery occurred in the early morning hours when the alleged robber pointed a gun at the motorhome resident, saying he had no intention of hurting anyone but that he wanted cash as he was collecting a debt from the man.

According to a police report, the man refused to give any money, and the victim's father shot the armed robber in theh believing his life was in danger. The armed robber reportedly fled the area and got into a waiting automobile. He was then transported to the hospital by the getaway driver where he underwent at least one surgery. The alleged getaway driver was a female who reportedly had a relationship with the attempted robbery victim. The female getaway driver was arrested and also charged with attempted first-degree robbery

Washington Self-Defense | Sequim Gazette, Sequim, WA


Pennsylvania Self Defense: Armed Defense at Dollar General :: 4/05/22

Pennsylvania Self-Defense: During a Thursday night attempted robbery at a Dollar General in North Philadelphia, a shop manager turned the tables on the would-be thief. The suspect was fatally shot by the manager. According to police, a 36-year-old guy pulled out what seemed to be a firearm while attempting to rob a dollar store.

According to authorities, the object was plastic-coated and had the appearance of a gun. The manager, who is authorized to carry a weapon, then pulled a gun and shot the assailant once in the head. After 8:30 p.m., the shooting started at the dollar store. Thursday.

The 36-year-old entered the store wearing nothing but black, then went up to the cashier and demanded that she open the register. According to the investigators, the cashier then indicated what was happening to the management. According to reports, the manager intervened and made an effort to talk to the would-be thief. But at that point, everything got out of hand.

The suspect again said he had a gun, and demanded the money. The manager then pulled out his own gun and fired two shots, hitting the suspect in the head.

According to the police, surveillance footage captured the whole encounter.

The authorities said “It appears that everything that was reported by the victims of this robbery is legitimate,” According to the police, surveillance footage captured the entire interaction. The shooter did in fact have a simulated weapon, which he communicated that to the store

Philadelphia Self-Defense | 3 CBS Philly, Philadelphia, PA


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