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Accountability means taking ownership of your results produced despite any challenges and limitations. Receive a free defense strategy session and 1-on-1 coaching to gain a new perspective and insight into your abilities while judging your limits and removing obstacles.

  • Discuss your goals, promises, and commitment. Compete with yourself in a fun, supportive environment. Best your past self while completing the challenge at hand. 

  • Measure your progress. Reach your goals.
    Work with your fitness coach to measure your success and progress based on how far you have come since starting your training.

  • Inspire yourself. Impact others.
    Eliminate things that hold you back. Set a new standard for yourself by becoming the person you seek. Let your light so shine!

If you want to be more accountable to yourself, click the link below to schedule your free strategy session.



Dragun Strategies - Harrisburg, NC, 28075

INTRO Sessions Available MON-THU - 5:30 pm

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